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Late Night Snap Hacks  [link]

A site that helps you fake a social life on Snapchat, from your bed.

  • "Clever."  Ashton Kutcher

  • "Shut up Ted you fucking racist!"  The Lonely Island

  • "This website will help you trick your Snapchat followers."  Mashable

  • "But what if you just want to lie in bed and also lie to your friends?"  Daily Dot

  • "No one needs to know you're watching Netflix in bed."  Teen Vogue

  • "This app tricks your Snapchat followers into thinking you’re in the club."  The Next Web

  • "Fool Your Snapchat Followers Into Thinking You're Partying Instead of Sleeping."  Inverse

  • "The website generates 10 hi-def nightlife scenes at dinner parties, dance floors, and late-night drives so perfect, it'll convince your friends you're seizing the night with the best of them"  Billboard

  • "I'm Not Kidding, You Can Win $1,000 On This Slack Channel Word Game"  Buzzfeed

  • "Today's bright spot is a simple Slack channel with one specific purpose: guess the word of the day, collect one thousand dollars."  Forbes

  • "'The Word Of The Day Is' channel is one of the most clever uses of Slack we've seen, turning what's essentially a work tool into a game"  Mashable

  • "This New Slack Game Is Going to Kill Your Office's Productivity"  Inc.

  • "'Word of the Day Is' Is the Best Workday Time-Waster of 2019 (So Far)"  Inverse

  • "If you correctly guess the secret word on Slack you'll win $1,000"  Boing Boing

  • "Apparently, that type of fun is not allowed on Slack."  The Verge

  • "Slack Is Cracking Down on Fun"  Gizmodo

The Word Of The Day Is  [link]

A daily guessing game that goes down in Slack. Whoever guesses the “word of the day” first wins $1000.

The Persistence of Chaos  [link]

An auction for a laptop running 6 pieces of malware that have caused financial damages totaling $95B.

  • "A laptop deliberately infected with six notorious strains of malware, including WannaCry and ILoveYou, is being auctioned in the US as an art project."  BBC

  • "It’s perfectly safe — as long you don’t connect to your Wi-Fi or plug in a USB."  The Verge

  • "An art patron has paid $1.3 million for the tech equivalent of a dormant land mine: a 2008 Samsung laptop containing some of the world’s most destructive malware."  The Washington Post

  • "The laptop itself is a classic—a 2008 Samsung NC10-14GB 10.2-Inch Blue Netbook running Windows XP."  Fortune

  • "This includes recent exploits, like the WannaCry ransomware, as well as as older viruses, like the nearly 20-year-old ILOVEYOU virus."  Mashable

  • "So long as the computer remains disconnected from wifi or USB plug, the cocktail of digital horrors it contains can’t spread."  Gizmodo

  • "In a sense, it might be comparable to collecting ancient weaponry."  Engadget

  • "A Computer Afflicted With 6 Infamous Viruses Has Passed $1 Million at Auction."  Vice

  • "Always hard to call something the 'best' but I think maybe this is the best new channel on youtube."  Casey Neistat

  • "This YouTube channel is nothing but a guy eating everything"  The Next Web

  • "Man Eating Food feels like a remnant of old YouTube, before creators learned to preen, polish, and grapple with YouTube's impossible algorithm. It's classically weird content, the sort of useless video you'd expect to find on eBaum's World instead of YouTube."  The Verge

  • "You will be asking at this moment what is this channel about? Man eating food is simply a man eating food."  JuegaGerman

  • "'Man Eating Food,' A New Viral YouTuber, Will Eat Anything You Ask Him To"  Foodbeast

  • "This is the internet at its finest."  Mashable

  • "Each one is less than 30 seconds which means you can dive in, thinking it'll be a quick jaunt down the World Wide Rabbit Hole, and find yourself wondering if sardines and ice cream might be just the right sweet-and-salty-combo almost an hour later."  Vice

  • "We are pleased to introduce you to a man who will eat anything the internet tells him to"  The A.V. Club

  • "Can we all just take a moment to appreciate how insane this thread is?"  Reddit

  • "Okay, this is epic."  Slazo

  • "I personally think it's genius."  Top Trends Youtube

Man Eating Food  [link]

Short videos of a man eating every food the internet requests as an ice cream topping.

Away Mode  [link]

An Alexa skill that plays lengthy and awkward audio tracks to ward off unwanted visitors from your home.

  • "Keep your home safe from unwanted visitors by playing lengthy audio tracks that sound like real – and completely ridiculous – conversations."  Techcrunch

  • "Trick potential burglars into thinking somebody is home by playing long audio clips that sound like real – albeit absurd – conversations that could be happening inside."  USA Today

  • "Kevin McCallister from Home Alone had some ingenious methods of keeping burglars at bay. A new Alexa skill called Away Mode lets you easily employ one of his tactics."  Fox News

  • "The strangest voice app ever, Away Mode (made by the insurance company Hippo) plays recorded conversations of people arguing or debating board game rules."  INC

  • "The hilariously mundane conversations are written by comedy writers of Saturday Night Live, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and Upright Citizens Brigade."  Fortune

  • "At least one veteran police officer agrees it could successfully deter an opportunistic burglar."  The Next Web

  • "Hippo Insurance has a different job in mind for Alexa: scaring away burglars and other unwanted visitors."  SFGate

  • "A new Alexa skill called Away Mode draws on the same theme, making it sound like a real conversation is taking place inside your home."  Digital Trends

  • "This is a PSA for college students everywhere."  Good Morning America

  • "There's a new font to help you cheat the page count for your term papers."  BuzzFeed

  • "Times Newer Roman is a freely downloadable, subtly stretched makeover of the typeface we all know, designed to run about 5%-10% wider"  Fast Company

  • "But now, there’s an easier solution: Times Newer Roman, a font from internet marketing firm MSCHF"  The Verge

  • "Your teacher or professor is very unlikely to notice anything"  Lifehacker

  • "Now, at long last, there's a font that will do all the cheating for you: Times Newer Roman."  Mashable

  • "The new font has been designed to sneakily reduce the amount of words needed to meet the dreaded page count for an assignment"  Daily Mail

Times Newer Roman  [link]

A font that looks like Times New Roman, except each character is 5-10% wider.

Insomnobot-3000  [link]

A friendly, easily distracted bot designed to keep you company when you can't fall asleep at night.

  • "Casper won Most Innovative Brand for uses of tech that went beyond just selling mattresses."  Digiday’s Most Innovative Brand Award

  • "...doing late night conversations with Insomnobot-3000 and talking to Google Assistant on Allo about what the world is like around me."  Techcrunch

  • "Probably one of the worst things about not being able to fall asleep is that it feels like you're the only one awake."  Refinery29

  • "You Can Text This Mattress Company At 3 AM When You Want To Hit Up Your Ex"  Elite Daily

  • "A Mattress Company Just Launched a Texting Service That Will Talk to You About Pizza at 4 a.m."  NYMAG

  • "Insomnia sucks, and while everyone has their own ways of dealing with it, sometimes you just want someone to talk to."  Lifehacker

  • "Casper Is Rolling Out a Chatbot for Insomniacs."  INC

  • "Mattress Company Will Text With You If You Can't Sleep."  CBS Morning News

  • "Burrito Time sends a push notification that burritos are up for grabs for the first 10 people who respond."  Adweek

  • "MSCHF has launched an app called Burrito Time, which has the sole purpose of giving away free burritos every day."  Eater

  • "Dos Toros launched Burrito Time, an app that gives out 10 free burritos a day."  Cheddar

  • "It's just dropping by and offering a free burrito. Acquiring bragging rights has never been so easy."  Thrillist

  • "The simplest, purest marketing app in wide world of mostly useless things one downloads onto one’s phone. The app gives you free burritos. "  The Takeout

  • "When is burrito time, exactly? Whenever Dos Toros feels like it. Every day, at a random time, the app's users get a push notification."  Food and Wine

  • "Yet, there is rarely an app with such a simple purpose as that put forward by the Burrito Time app."  Forbes

  • "The up-and-coming burrito chain just launched an app called Burrito Time with the sole purpose of giving people free burritos."  Bustle

Burrito Time  [link]

A daily push notification. The first 10 people to open the app win a free burrito, guac included.

Tabagotchi  [link]

A chrome extension with a Tamagotchi that lives or dies based on the number of tabs you have open.

  • "Tabagotchi makes productivity cuter."  NYMAG

  • "Tabagotchi is pretty simple: each time you open a new tab, you get greeted by your virtual pet friend, who will slowly die in front of you with each new tab you open."  The Verge

  • "Declutter Your Chrome Browser Tabs or This Tamagotchi Clone Will Die"  Gizmodo

  • "Closing tabs is the only way to keep Tabagotchi alive"  The Next Web

  • "Open too many Chrome tabs, and this Tamagotchi copycat won't live"  Mashable

  • "Made me laugh!"  Swiss Miss

  • "So far, it has really helped me reduce the number of open tabs on Chrome which has increased the available memory of my laptop."  Product Hunt

  • "Delightful Productivity ‘Tamagotchi’-Inspired Pet Grows When You Close Your Tabs"  Design Taxi

  • "This Site Generates A Wedding Hashtag And Compatibility Score For You And Your Crush"  Elite Daily

  • "It's safe to say we're obsessed."  Cosmopolitan

  • "This new hashtag generator is kind of addictive."  Women's Health

  • "The Hashtag Test Creates A Couple's Wedding Hashtag — And Predicts If You're Meant To Be"  Bustle

  • "You've Got to Try The Black Tux's New Wedding Hashtag Generator"  The Knot

  • "This 'Wedding Hashtag Test' will generate a wedding hashtag for you and your fiance"  Metro


  • "ScarJo and Colin Jost Only Have a 46 Percent Chance of Making It"  The Observer

The Hashtag Test  [link]

A site that tests future compatibility with your partner based on your internet wedding hashtag.

Morning Glory  [link]

An app that helps men keep track of their morning erections.

  • "Men's Health Startup Roman Launches App to Track "Morning Wood""  Inverse

  • "Your Morning Boner Can Help You Assess Your Health"  Vice

  • "If you're embarrassed to download it, then you're getting a glimpse of why it was made in the first place."  Daily Dot

  • "But if you ever found yourself thinking there should be an application on your mobile phone that tracks your morning erections, then you're in luck."  Metro

  • "Morning Glory is just your average daily fitness tracker — but instead of logging your steps, it tracks the party in your pants."  NYPost

  • "Let's all take a deep, long breath."  Gizmodo

  • "For a man to wake up at full salute, his biological functions—including his hormones, nervous system and vascular system—all have to be working in a synchronous way."  Playboy

  • "Sure, the app is a bit gimmicky but it does illustrate the importance of morning wood."  GQ

  • "The Couch Potato app aims to be the anti-step tracker that rewards you for lounging. Maybe it's kind of nice that an app encourages you to chill out with no shame?"  Mashable

  • "Couch Potato app is the world's first sit-tracker, a one of a kind app that measures and celebrates your inactivity."  The Mac Observer

  • "In a world of health apps and fitness trackers, a dark horse emerges: the Couch Potato app for iOS."  CNET

  • "A new app that pats your back for a guilt-free session of binge and chill is the talk of the town. "  Telangana

  • "So what's the best way to sell you a couch? Remind you how lazy you are through an app that tracks your inactivity."  Know Technie

  • "Finally there an app for doing nothing!"  @_valentinschmid

  • "Someone finally did it, someone made an app to track how much of a couch potato you are"  @shannellechua

Couch Potato  [link]

The world's first sit-tracker.

Cignature Films  [link]

S1 E1 of Mad Men, but with all the cigarettes edited out for kazoos instead. To expose the influence of cigarettes in popular media.

  • "Cignature Films is showing the first episode of Mad Men in its entirety but with all of the cigarettes replaced with kazoos."  Kottke

  • "Those behind the drolly titled Cignature Films (which comes courtesy of MSCHF Internet Studios) were shocked that the number of “tobacco incidents” on screen had increased from 2010 to 2016 (after years of decline) and by how this continues to inspire young smokers."  The Guardian

  • "Don Draper is puffing on a kazoo."  The Sunday Times

  • "MSCHF Internet Studios, the company making internet for the internet, today unveils their latest venture: Cignature Films, a new production studio with the goal to completely remove smoking in Hollywood movies and television."  Broadway World

  • "Imagine Mad Men — but instead of the ubiquitous cigarettes, picture kazoos."  Hyperallergic

  • "Every cigarette in the first episode of 'Mad Men' replaced with a kazoo... by hand"  Mashable

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