Client: America

Emotion: WTF

Medium: Facebook Friends List / URL

"Is the election discourse so super-charged that we can’t even agree to disagree?"

USA Today

"There's a new shaming site which redirects you to a list of all your Facebook friends who have liked the Donald."

The New Yorker

"It's very interesting that people would feel strongly enough against Trump to want to weed people out of their Facebook friend groups."


"Thousands of Facebook users have publicly promised to unfriend each and every Trump supporter in their network."

Washington Post

"The unfriend button has never been more important."

Huffington Post

"This site makes it easy to judge your Facebook friends who like Trump."


"This useful website shows you which of your Facebook friends like Donald Trump."

Business Insider

"Some facts about your friends just can't be un-learned."


" will make you lose your faith in humanity...or at least Facebook."


"Unfriend them all, if you feel called to do so. Or don’t. That decision is between you and your god."

NY Mag