Client: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Emotion: Shock / Anger

Medium: Landing Page / App

"It's interesting to see technology -- in this case an iOS app -- advocating for gender equality."

Product Hunt

"This App Makes Sure You Don't Accidentally End The Gender Pay Gap."

Fast Company

"Now there's an app designed to help you visualise that pay inequality every time you ask it to calculate a tip."

BBC World Service Radio

"Want Real Pay Equality? Then it’s Time We Stopped Over-tipping Women."

Huffington Post

"A Guy Created A “Sexist Tip Calculator” That Stiffs Female Servers To Highlight The Wage Gap."


"Toothpick wants to make the pay gap impossible to ignore by confronting people with the disturbing math of economic inequality."

The Daily Dot

"The beauty of an app is how easily it can be used to spread the word. So, if you know anyone who doesn't believe the wage gap is a thing, pull out Toothpick the next time you go out to eat with them."


"New App Tells You if You’re a Sexist Tipper."

The Bold Italic

"Don't freak out—it's for a good cause."

NY Observer

"Angry? Well, that’s exactly how creator Gabriel Whaley wants you to feel, and he wants people to take action."