Late Night Snap Hacks

Client: Casper

Emotion: Joy of missing out

Medium: Interactive Video Website / Snapchat

case study


Ashton Kutcher

"Shut up Ted you fucking racist!"

The Lonely Island

"This website will help you trick your Snapchat followers."


"But what if you just want to lie in bed and also lie to your friends?"

The Daily Dot

"No one needs to know you're watching Netflix in bed."

Teen Vogue

"This app tricks your Snapchat followers into thinking you’re in the club."

The Next Web

"Fool Your Snapchat Followers Into Thinking You're Partying Instead of Sleeping."


"Genius hack lets you prank your Snapchat friends."

Mashable Snapchat Story

"This Snapchat trick will change your stories forever."

Digital Spy

"Steal this genius idea for your brand right now."

Sabre Insights

"Created by famed mattress company Casper, the website generates 10 hi-def nightlife scenes at dinner parties, dance floors, and late-night drives so perfect, it'll convince your friends you're seizing the night with the best of them."