Client: Casper

Emotion: Loneliness

Medium: Landing Page / Bot

case study

"...doing late night conversations with Insomnobot-3000 and talking to Google Assistant on Allo about what the world is like around me."


"Probably one of the worst things about not being able to fall asleep is that it feels like you're the only one awake."


"You Can Text This Mattress Company At 3 AM When You Want To Hit Up Your Ex"

Elite Daily

"Mattress Company Will Text With You If You Can't Sleep."

CBS Morning Show (TV)

"Can’t fall asleep after binge watching Netflix late at night? Casper’s “insomnobot” will keep you company."


"A Mattress Company Just Launched a Texting Service That Will Talk to You About Pizza at 4 a.m."


"Casper Is Rolling Out a Chatbot for Insomniacs."


"Insomnobot’s single purpose is to bring you closer to a brand, and we should all expect to see a lot more bots like this."

Venture Beat

"Insomnia sucks, and while everyone has their own ways of dealing with it, sometimes you just want someone to talk to."


"Meet Insomnobot 3000, your new late-night texting buddy."

RGA Future Vision

"The chatbot will keep you entertained while you can't sleep, texting with you in a similar way that you can presently converse with Siri."

Cool Hunting

"Can’t Sleep? This Insomnia Bot Will Help You Get Through The Night."