Infinite text in progress

Client: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Emotion: Anxiety / Mischief

Medium: Landing Page / GIF

"Trick your iPhone-toting friends into thinking they're receiving a text."


"Gabriel Whaley has figured out that if you send an iOS 7 user an iMessage containing a GIF of the animated text-in-progress icon, it looks like you’re composing a message to them…forever."

Laughing Squid

"An iMessage prank every iPhone owner needs to know about."


"This iPhone Texting Prank Is Great and Will Drive Your Friends Freakin’ Nuts."

Bro Bible

"Earlier this week, a texting prank was floating around the web. It was simple and genius."


"Just send it to random people and watch frustration ensue."

Cult of Mac

"This iPhone prank is super easy and pretty cruel."